How to Reset Echo Dot
13th, 2019

How To Reset Echo Dot

The newer version of the Amazon smart speaker is the Amazon Echo Dot. So reset Echo Dot now!

In the top of the device has buttons used to control volume, wake the speaker to respond to your voice command, and mute the device.

Amazon Echo has an Alexa personal assistant used to answer your voice questions, play music, news, and much more exciting tasks.

Though Amazon Echo speaker is a smart powerful home commander, that does not mean that your speaker won’t face any issues.

So, if your Amazon Echo device is facing trouble then you need to Reset Echo Dot to get your device back on the track.

Common issues of Echo Dot device include Echo Registration Failure Error, the device fails to respond, ring issues of Echo dot and other issues.

In such cases, try to Reset Echo Dot device. There are different ways on How to Reset Echo Dot.

Follow the simplest way to reset your Amazon Echo Devices.

1.Deregister Your Amazon Echo Dot Device On Smartphone.

To reset Echo Dot, the first thing you need to do is to deregister your Amazon Echo Dot device from your Alexa account.

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Follow the following steps to deregister your Echo Dot device.

– First, open the Alexa app, a blue icon app in the white text indicating ‘Amazon Alexa.’
– The bottom of the Alexa app has the option ‘Settings.’ Click on it.
– Now, go to the ‘Device settings’ in the settings menu.
– Now, Select the specific Echo Dot device you want to deregister and click the ‘deregister’ button.
– This will deregister your Echo dot device, and you can now reset Echo Dot as it is removed from your Amazon account.
– Then you can register the Echo Dot device to a different Amazon account.

2.Deregister Your Amazon Echo Dot Device On Your Computer.

Follow the given steps to deregister your Echo Dot device on your computer.

– In a web browser, go to
– The upper-right corner has an option ‘Accounts & Lists’ if you are not signed in then sign in with your Amazon account’s email and password.
– Clicking the option ‘Accounts &Lists’ will display a dropdown menu.
– Now, click on the option ‘Content and Devices.’
– Click on the tab ‘Your Devices.’ This will display all the registered devices associated with your Amazon account.
– Click the option ‘Deregister’ which will deregister your Echo Dot device from your Amazon’s account.

If need expert help to Reset Echo Dot then dial Alexa Customer Service Toll Free Number for instant help.

3.Resetting Echo Dot Device.

Here is a complete guideline that will help you to Reset all generation Echo Dot:

How to Reset Amazon Echo Dot First-Generation Device?

On top of the Echo Dot or Echo First Generation devices, there are two buttons.

Single dot button and the Mic button. The single dot button is used to reset your Amazon Echo Dot First Generation device.

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Follow the given steps to Reset Echo Dot.

– With the help of a paper clip, hold and press the reset button.
– Hold the button until you see the color of light ring changes from orange to blue.
– When it is turned ON, you will see a light ring of orange color.
– The ring in orange color indicates that your Echo Dot device is entered in the mode of ‘setup.’
– Now on your Smartphone open your Alexa app.
– Then Connect Alexa to Wi-Fi connection and register it to your Amazon account.

How to Reset Amazon Echo Dot Second Generation Device?

Find two buttons, one ‘volume down’ button and ‘microphone’ button on Echo Dot Second Generation Device.

Follow the given steps.

– Press both the volume down and microphone button at the same time.
– Hold both the buttons for approximately 20 seconds and wait until the light ring changes first to orange and then to blue color.
– Now, wait for some time until the device first gets turned OFF and then turned ON again.
– Your device shows an orange color, indicating that your device is now on the ‘setup’ mode.
– Now, you need to download Alexa App on your mobile phone and open it.
– It will show the ‘device’ icon, Click it! After this, click on + icon.
– This will show instructions; you need to follow the on-screen instructions in order to setup your Echo Dot device.

How to Reset the Echo Dot Third Generation Device?

The Echo Dot Third Generation Device has an Action button, having a single dot on it. That is used to reset the echo device.

Follow the steps given below.

– First press and then hold the button ‘Action’ for a few minutes.
– By doing so, the light ring will first turn to an orange color and then to blue color.
– Wait for some time, so that the light gets turned OFF and then ON again.
– An orange color ring shows that your device is in ‘setup’ mode.
– Now, you need to open your Alexa App to connect your Echo device to Wi-Fi network connections.

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Still facing problem on How to Reset Echo Dot device or facing Amazon Echo error, then dial Echo Device Number at US/Canada Toll-Free Number.

Alexa App Helpline experts will guide you in resolving your issue and help you Reset Echo Dot in the shortest time span.

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