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16th, 2019

How To Resolve Echo Registration Failure Error Quickly

Do you know Alexa Amazon Echo Registration Failure Error is known as error 1021231? Although, Alexa has been very useful when it comes to performing the virtual task like controlling the device. But sometimes it shows some error which needs a little technical fix.

Amazon Echo Registration Failure Error is a very common error and requires proper troubleshooting. Before moving to solve the Amazon registration error, let us take us a quick review of how to set up Amazon Echo.

Before Fixing Echo Registration Failure Error First Know How To Setup Amazon Echo

To setup Echo Dot, you have to download the Alexa app on your phone and plug in the amazon echo device to the switchboard.

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Now you have to create your Amazon account and they jump directly into the menu section of the app.

Go to the settings button and do Alexa WiFi Setup. Now connect your smart device to Alexa by entering the devices in the device section.

Now everything is good to go. You should now be giving commands to Alexa and start talking to it.

Now, sometimes you may see the registration popup on your screen. You might see them on the following occasions. Don’t get confused Alexa App Helpline experts there to help you just dial Alexa Customer Service .

Situations in Which You See Amazon Echo Registration Failure Error

Whenever you Setup Alexa device in your home or office you have to register your account and when you create your account you do some mistakes that why Amazon Echo Registration Error occurs or can say Alexa Device Error 10:2:12:3:1.

Here are the Situations when Amazon Echo Error occurs:

  • When you have set up your amazon account and try registering for Alexa on the Alexa app so you might see echo registration failure error.
  • When you try downloading the Alexa app, this error may appear.
  • Registering on Amazon echo may show you this result.
  • After resetting your Amazon Alexa device or placing it on the factory, the version may show you this error.
  • Using a gifted echo error device may show you this error

If you want help to Setup Alexa then dial our Alexa Customer Service Number experts and get help right away.

Reasons behind Amazon Echo Registration Failure Occur

  • If you use the Amazon Echo device which status has not been changed to deliver on Amazon, you can face the issue of registration. You have to wait or call Alexa helpline number or Alexa customer service number to request the alternation in the status of delivery.
  • People face the amazon echo registration error because they have not been updating the device lately. The device starts displaying glitches. Therefore keep an eye on updates.
  • The least possible reason is that your device has defected. Although Amazon has always been very precautious about its product quality, sometimes the device break from inside during shipment. In that case, you have to register you’re complain on Amazon.
  • If you are using your device which was previously lost or was stolen than while registering your app can show Alexa registration failure error. This problem also requires contact with the Alexa app helpline.

How to Fix Amazon Echo Registration Failure Error?

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To cater to this echo registration failure error, you can follow different steps. Some are described below.

  • Press the device start button for a few seconds. Wait for the device switch off and then start. The echo device light will first blue than orange. Wait for the light to turn orange. This orange light is a signal that your device is ready for set up. Enter the details and update your Alexa app. If you don’t have an account on Amazon, then you must first cater to this issue and make an account instantly. After that, enter the details, and you will not see this registration failure error.
  • Secondly, match your email ID of Amazon with the email ID entered on Alexa. If the email is not similar, then you will face this issue. Put the same details on both accounts.
  • If the problem still remains, then you have to uninstall the Alexa app from your Smartphone. Restart your phone and download the Alexa app again.
  • Reset the modem or Amazon Echo device. Take it to the factory settings. Then enter the settings again.
  • There can be an issue from an Amazon side, and the device may defect from inside. You have to call Alexa helpline number and ask for a new device.

Fix Echo Registration Failure On A Gifted Device.

The main problem with Amazon echo device is that it is registered on someone else Amazon account and you have to do a little technical work here.

  • First, contact the person who has gifted you the Amazon Echo device. Ask them to unregister that device from their account.
  • Once they are done from unregistering, you have to reset the device completely.
  • Now you have to register this device from your Amazon account.
  • If your email ID on Amazon account will not match with ID on the Alexa app, the registration failure pop up will perplex you again. Make sure to enter the exact same details.

To avoid this problem in the future and if you are planning to gift it to someone, then do mention in the cart box. Amazon will show you the gift option. This step will eliminate the registration failure error.

In case you forget to enter the gift option in your product, then deregister the Amazon echo from your account.

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Setting up the Alexa app and device is very easy. But for the proper configuration, you have to follow all of the steps. Keep updating your app from time to time.

Alexa is becoming everybody’s necessity.  This device is a multi-purpose device, and you can utilize it in a plethora of ways. Control your home and minimize power usage.

You don’t have to be in your home to control the Alexa device. Just manage the device from anywhere. Moreover, you can ask Alexa for suggestions on any problem to make the problem clear for you.

If unable to fix Echo Registration Failure Error then just dial Alexa Helpline Number at US/Canada Toll-Free Number and let our certified experts fix issues instantly.

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