Echo Dot Setup
17th, 2020

Echo Dot Setup: Know the Secrets of Setting It Up 

Congratulations!!! Did you just buy an Amazon Echo Device for yourself? Before you start asking plenty of things to Alexa, you will need to follow the Echo Dot Setup process properly.

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Setting Up Alexa on Echo or Echo Dot

Are you excited to give your first command to Alexa and get a reply from your Echo or Echo Device?

Wait a minute!!! Before you say something to Alexa, you need to setup Alexa on Echo or Echo Dot devices. Whether you choose Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot, you might be well aware of the fact that these devices work well with Alexa. Don’t freak out on hearing it!

You might not know the art of setting up Alexa on the Echo or Echo Dot devices.

Don’t worry, if you don’t know it. Well, you have landed on the right page. Here, we will guide you with some basic tips that would make your task of Alexa Setup very easy. While this guide might be focusing on Echo Dot and Echo, but the tips would work well on all devices powered by Alexa.

Alexa Helpline Number

Setting Up the Echo and Echo Dot Device

One question that would pop your mind after getting hold of the Amazon Echo device is “How to Setup Alexa?” or “How to Setup Echo Dot?”

You don’t need to feel embarrassed about this issue. You are not alone in this line. Many people don’t know the tricks of Echo Dot Setup. Without further ado, let’s take a look into the ways through which you can set up Alexa on any Echo devices.

 Whether you have picked the device for yourself or for someone else, setting up the smart speaker properly is very crucial. You don’t want to make yourself a fool in front of others while showing off this gadget to others. To ensure the Echo or the Echo Dot works smoothly, we can help you out.

  • Download the App

Done with the unboxing? Now, it’s time to get started. Always, use the power adapter that came with the box. First of all, you will need to install the Alexa setup app. Download it from the Apple Store or Play Store. Moreover, you can download it from Fire OS, which is available on Amazon’s own tablets.

  • Pick a Device to Setup Alexa

Secondly, make sure you have an Amazon account to use Alexa. Once you sign into the app, click on the hamburger menu and click on the ‘Add Device’ option. Keep on adding any number of Alexa supported devices, starting from smart plugs to smart lights. However, don’t lose your focus. Make sure to tap Amazon Echo. Then select the Echo Device that you are looking forward to setup.

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  • Enter Setup Mode 

In this setup mode of any Echo devices the light of the device would be blinking blue and then it would start to blink orange for the Setup Echo Dot mode. Subsequently, if you don’t see any orange color on the device, try to press and hold the Action button for five seconds. In the due course, Alexa will come alive and will tell you that it’s in the ‘Setup Mode’.

  • Connect with Network 

You will need to close the Alexa app and tap on the Wi-Fi settings of your phone. Search for the Amazon network and connect it. Once done, reopen the Alexa and carry on with the setup.

  • Setting up Home Wi-Fi

This step is very important. Once you have opened the Alexa app, you need to pick your home’s WiFi network. Once all the formalities are done, your Echo or Echo Dot would be ready. You won’t see anymore the orange lights.

  • Test Alexa 

Don’t forget to check your Alexa. Ask different queries and see if it responds to the queries correctly. In the event, it says, ‘Sorry I don’t understand your command’, you don’t need to worry.

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Getting Echo Ready for Alexa

Once you have downloaded the necessary software, you should get ready to set up the Echo hardware. In simple words, to complete the Echo Dot Setup, take the speaker and find out the power jack. Take the adapter and plug one end of it on the power jack of the speaker.

The other end should go into the power socket on the wall. Once it gets charged, configuring the device, i.e., Echo Dot or Echo would become easy.

Once you are done with all the aforementioned steps of Alexa Setup, you can change the wake word of your Echo device. Make sure to choose a word that is appropriate for you.

Alexa Helpline Number

The process of changing the wake word for your Echo device is very easy. From the Alexa Setup App, head to the Echo’s settings. Click on Echo and tap on the ‘Wake Word’ option. Click on the ‘Default’ word and give a suitable word of your choice. If you get stuck with any kind of problem with Echo Dot Setup or How to Connect Alexa to WiFi then don’t waste any time.

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With experts on your side, the job of setting up Echo Dot would be a smooth one. Enjoy the experience of your device, once you use them properly.

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