How to Control Your TV with Alexa
4th, 2020

How to Control Your TV with Alexa?

Hey Buddy! Are you making the best use of your Alexa-powered devices? You must be using your Alexa to do a lot of things, such as playing music or turning off the lights or search for your phone, and so on. Well, have you ever thought of controlling your TV with Amazon’s voice assistant? Most of you would say no. Surprisingly, with Amazon’s Alexa, you can control your TV completely. Surprised? Don’t be. This blog post will give you complete guidance on how to control your TV with Alexa.

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Alexa Helpline Number

Alexa Can Do a Lot of Things

Alexa is not for playing music or predicting the weather. This smart voice-assistant can also control your smart TV. In fact, with the help of the voice assistant, you can search your favorite programs, change channels, or even search for any content by genre. In short, you can control your TV with Alexa.

Alexa has done away with the need for thumbing through the menus of the TV program. Instead, you just give the command and Alexa will switch to the required program very fast.

Wondering how to control your TV with Alexa? It’s very easy. Well, smart assistant Alexa can control any smart TV via Echo or Echo Dot. All you need to do is to set up your TV with Alexa.

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Use Alexa Assistant on Your TV in Different Ways 

Are you tired of losing the remote control of your TV? Nothing to worry! You just need to get hold of an Amazon Echo device and you will know how to control your TV with Alexa.

For Amazon Fire TV:

Do you need to use your Alexa as your TV remote? If yes, it requires a bit of knowledge. Alexa won’t be able to understand everything that you want it to do. Instead, you will need certain equipment to control your TV. One of the most basic ways to use Alexa with your TV is through plug-in Amazon Fire TV stick or the Fire TV 4K medial streamer. Alternatively, a Fire Edition Smart TV could be also used.

When using an external Fire TV device with your smart TV, follow the recommended procedure.

In case of any difficulty with the setup procedure, call the professional experts of Echo Device Support at toll free number.

But if you have an Amazon Echo or similar Alexa powered devices, you will need to link it to a Fire TV stick or streamer and manage the Fire TV features through voice commands. Keep in mind to finish the Alexa Echo Dot Setup process before linking the Echo or Echo Dot with the Fire TV stick.

For linking an Alexa Echo or Echo Spot to a Fire TV or Fire Edition TV, you should carry out some basic steps.

  • Open the Alexa App and click on the ‘Menu’ icon on the left side of the Home
  • Tap on Music, Video, and Books
  • Click on Fire TV you want to control
  • Follow the setup instructions
  • Tap on ‘Link Devices’

Can Alexa control your TV? Yes, it can control your TV. Once it is linked, you will be able to use the Echo device for controlling Fire TV features. Once it’s ready, you will be able to control specific shows. Keep in mind that Alexa won’t support every app. It only supports Netflix, Fox Now, NBC News, Hulu, CBS, Bravo Now, and many more apps.

Use A TV That Works with Alexa

Linking Alexa and Fire TV is one way to use voice commands for controlling the smart TV. Now, what if you are using other TV sets. Most of you may not own Fire TVs, but it can work with Alexa via Echo devices.

For LG TVs:

Don’t know how to control your LG TV with Alexa? Follow this blog and you will know the trick related to how to control your TV with Alexa.

  • Firstly, before proceeding with the Alexa setup, you will need to make sure that your LG TV is using a web OS 4.0 operating system or some higher versions.
  • You will need to proceed to the Home screen of your TV and launch the setup TV option for the Alexa app.
  • Don’t forget to log-in to your LG account and select the TV name.
  • Go to the Mobile setup guide page and open the Alexa app. You need to enable the LG Smart ThinQ Alexa Skill. Link it with your LG account.
  • Follow the instruction that pops up and finish the setup process.

How to Control Your TV with Alexa

These are some simple steps that you need to follow for connecting Alexa with your TV. When you follow all these steps carefully, you will know how to control your TV with Alexa. If you are not able to complete the setup procedure, you can take the help of our experts. Professional experts of Echo Device Support apart from helping you with Setup Alexa will also guide you through the ways to use Amazon Alexa skills for controlling your TV.

Want to know how to change channels with the help of Alexa? For this, you need to know how to control your TV with Alexa. You will have to give some commands that would help you to change the channel name or the channel number.

Alexa Helpline Number

For instance, you can say, Alexa, go to ‘channel name/ network name’; or Alexa switch to ‘channel name/ network name’; or Alexa change to ‘channel name/ network name’.

If you have an Alexa powered devices like Echo or Echo Dot, you have already discovered its amazing capabilities, such as its power to play music by connecting to the streaming services like Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, TuneIn, and more. Have fun in controlling your TV with Alexa.

For any assistance, call our technical experts at toll free number.

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