Alexa Error 73001
6th, 2019

Solved Alexa Error 7:3:0:0:1 | Internet Not Connecting

Do you know your Alexa device is capable of streaming podcasts and provide you all updates about the weather situation of your city? Alexa can do a plethora of tasks. You just have to transfer your wishful commands to Alexa, and your task will be performed in no time. But in sometimes facing Alexa Error 73001 is frustrating.

Alexa is very helpful in terms of doing your task. It is like a mini-robot that is doing your task without moving. You might face some errors while trying to connect Alexa to your Wi-Fi.

The error of connecting Wi-Fi to Alexa is called Amazon Echo Error 73001 and it showed on your screen with this name.  You might have tried all the means, but this problem is not resolving.

Some people think this is a very simple error but sometimes get technical. To fix Alexa Error 73001, you have to follow some simple steps. Let us directly peak into the solution for how to fix Amazon echo 73001 error.

Here are some tips and tricks on “How to Fix Alexa Error 73001?”

Before moving to fix Amazon Echo 73001 error, you have to do some back work. Firstly, check your modem.

It might have any hardware fault. Then call your network provider to check for any issue from their side. Try updating your router to minimize all the possibilities.

If the issue still continues and you can connect to Wi-Fi, then try connecting your device to any other Wi-Fi. If still the Alexa Error 73001, now it is time to try out the below-given steps.

Alexa Helpline Number

Follow the steps to fix Alexa Error 73001:

  • First, you restart your modem. Turn it off and then leave it switched off for five minutes. After five minutes switch on the adapter.
  • Now you have to open your account and confirm that your account is registered on Amazon.
  • Check for the SSID name of the router. The SSID name of the router should be assigned to a plethora of networks. Connect your Alexa device to a Wi-Fi of 2.4 GHz.
  • You have to alter the changes in your Wi-Fi modem to make it on par with the Amazon Echo device.
  • You might be using a smart switch for controlling your household temperature and settings. Disable that app and then connect your Alexa app with the altered Wi-Fi.
  • Enter the Wi-Fi password. If you have changed the password, then enter the new password.
  • Congratulations the Amazon Echo 73001 error is resolved now.

If the Amazon Echo 73001 still continues, then you should try calling Alexa Helpline Number. The Alexa experts are available 24/7 to cater to your Alexa issues.

Why Amazon Echo Error 73001 Occurs

  • Syncing with a smart switch device

Sometimes your smart switch device is not synced with your Wi-Fi or enabled smart switch device is hindering the proper functioning of Alexa.  This issue leads to Amazon Echo Error 73001. Sometimes it is because you didn’t Setup Alexa perfectly.

Be sure that you properly synced your smart switch device with Alexa, and they again try connecting it with your Wi-Fi.

  • Incompatibility of Wi-Fi

Alexa is a smart and advanced device of modern technology. If your Wi-Fi modem is pretty old, then you might end up in the Amazon Echo 73001 error. You should connect the Alexa device to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

  • Network trafficking

Suppose that 8 to 10 people in your household are using an internet router that provides 1mbps speed and you have also connected smart switch devices with your router.

If so many people are using a single modem with low speed, then your network might traffic, and the overall speed of Wi-Fi will slow down. Once the speed is slow down, Alexa wouldn’t be able to catch the Wi-Fi signals, and you will then face the Amazon Echo error 73001.

Keep in mind, that you have an updated router that provides at least 4mbps speed to rule out the issue of network jamming.

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  • Device position

Many people have a habit of putting their Wi-Fi router too close to the wall and on the ground. The ideal position for your router is to be placed at least 8 inches above the ground. This ideal position makes sure that your Wi-Fi signals are accessible in every corner of your house.

Furthermore, your Alexa device should not be away from your router for more than 8 feet. The closeness of the Alexa device with your router makes sure that Wi-Fi signals are stable.

  • Network configuration

The main root of the problem lies in the incorrect network configuration. Many modems are established with the same SSID and cause an error of 73001. The first step is developing a unique SSDI for your router. Then try to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi.

  • Dissimilar password

If you have changed your modem recently and have altered the password, then the Alexa device may show Amazon Echo 73001 error. Change the password, and it should be matched with the password of the Wi-Fi you are entering in Alexa.


Sometimes the main reason for Alexa Error 73001 is a glitch in the device and company. You should contact Alexa Toll-Free Number, in this case, to clear out the problem.

The Alexa app and device has made our lives immensely easier. However, Alexa app is an excellent source of entertainment, and if you are out of cooking ideas, then Alexa will tell you the marvelous ideas.

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Alexa is sort of your friend to whom you can share all of your things and can ask her to do your task. Alexa will control your kitchen appliances, TV, fans, and light. It makes your home a smart home and can set the alarms for you.

It will show you the nutrition profile of different food and will provide you detailed information for work out. Indeed, it is a great step towards a smarter life.

If you still need guidance to fix Alexa Error 73001 then dial Alexa Helpline Number at US/Canada Toll-Free Number and get instant help from experts.

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