Alexa Slow to Respond
21st, 2020

Alexa Not Responding/ Alexa Slow to Respond: Quick Fixes to the Issues 

Congrats! You must be pretty excited about your new purchase. You plan to use your Alexa powered Amazon Echo or Echo device in different ways. Alas! You might face issues with your Alexa. For instance, Alexa powered devices might take some time to respond. On encountering problems like Alexa Not Responding, Alexa Slow to Respond, don’t freak out.

Take a deep breath and pick your phone. Give us a call at toll free number. Our professional technicians would help you out.

Alexa: A Popular Smart Gadget Sometimes Slow To Respond

It’s a smart gadget that is capable of doing a wide variety of tasks. No matter what time it is, Alexa will do her best to listen to you and provide an answer.

For instance, if you want Alexa to turn on the music or control the lights of your room, it will do it for you. The device responds to the voice commands. Hence, using Alexa is of great fun.

However, like every other gadget, Alexa has also one flaw. You might find Alexa slow to respond to your commands. If the gadget fails to respond, people tend to get frustrated.

My friend, you shouldn’t get irritated easily. You should wait a bit to overcome issues like Alexa Not Responding, Alexa Slow to Respond or Alexa not working, and more. In case, Alexa fails to respond to the voice commands, don’t get frustrated! You can fix the issues with some troubleshooting steps.

Alexa Helpline Number

Finding out The Issues Why Alexa Slow To Respond Or Not Responding

Some of the common problems that users face with their Amazon Alexa are mentioned below. Understanding the issues is important to fix it.

Issue 1: Bad Wireless Connection

Have you have understood the way you need to talk with your Alexa-powered device?

Yes. Then, it’s good enough for you. Still, many people forget that Alexa depends on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection to work properly. Poor connections won’t make your Alexa work. As a result, facing issues like Alexa not responding, Alexa Slow to Respond or Alexa not responding to voice commands becomes very common. In short, if your Alexa Echo or Alexa Echo Dot is not connected with the Wi-Fi, it won’t respond to any voice commands.


Your Echo or Echo Dot should have a strong connection. Rebooting the device would help to get over the issue. After rebooting, your device might get better Wi-Fi signal strength.

Issue 2: Alexa Not Able To Hear You 

After years of use, you might be repeating the same commands over and over again. Sometimes, Alexa might hear your command but fail to understand it. In that case, it won’t be able to respond to your query.

This scenario at times can be very irritating. Wondering, what went wrong with your Alexa device? Not to worry! We are here to help you out.


You can reboot your Alexa. If this step failed to solve the problem, call the experts. Our tech experts can resolve the issue in no time.

Issue 3: Alexa Won’t Communicate with Other Devices

You might have invested a lot of money on your Alexa device. Now, you must be looking forward to using the device to turn on and off the lights or to lock your car through a command.

While you might feel like a King while giving orders to the device, but sometimes your Alexa might not work with other devices. It’s very annoying. What’s the way to fix it? It’s very easy. Just follow the rest of the post.

Alexa Helpline Number


Firstly, you need to check if your Echo or Echo device is compatible with the smart device. We are sorry if Amazon Echo or Echo Dot doesn’t support the smart device. In case, Alexa supports the device; still, if it doesn’t work, you should check out the user manual. Some devices might need certain commands to work properly. If all hacks fail, call our experts today!

Is Your Echo Dot Not Responding or Alexa Slow to Respond?

Alexa Echo Dot not responding is a common issue. In case, you want to fix this issue, try out these steps:

Connect with the Plug

One common problem for Alexa Not Responding might be very simple. The device might not be connected to the plug. If the device is unplugged and you are not able to connect to the plug, you should try out these following steps:

  • Check the plug of the Echo Dot. Also, make sure the device is properly connected to the power source.
  • Try to insert the USB and ensure if it’s properly connected to the Echo power port.
  • Press on the power button and it would start the Echo device.

Hopefully, it would solve the issues. If the problem persists, talk to the experts by dialing the Alexa Helpline Number.

Light Ring Shouldn’t Be Red

Is your Alexa Not Responding? Try this step to fix this issue.

The red light of the Echo might signify many things. If the light ring is red, it means that the mute switch on the top of the device has been activated. For this reason, your device might not be hearing your commands.

Other Reasons for Alexa not responding To Voice Commands 

Another reason for Alexa not responding to voice commands is because it’s not able to hear you or understand you properly. The interference could be caused by many reasons. For instance, the presence of opaque objects between you and the Echo or Echo Dot is one reason for Alexa Not Responding. To overcome this issue, it’s important to place the smart speaker on a table. At the same time, the Echo would hear the command only when there is np noise within the room.

You can call our Alexa Helpline Number  if the problem relating to Alexa Device Not Responding continues. We remain available 24×7.

How to Fix Issue “Alexa Is Not Responding”?

Does your Echo or Echo Dot fail to respond to the ‘Wake’ word? It’s likely a common issue faced by all Echo and Echo Dot users. Before troubleshooting the issues, make sure your device is properly connected and having an internet connection.

Some common ways to fix issues for Amazon Not Responding are mentioned below:

  • Restart Amazon Echo

One simple solution to get rid of the issue of Alexa not responding is to restart the device. Steps to restart the device are mentioned in the instruction manual of the Echo or Echo Dot device.

Alexa Helpline Number

  • Use Voice Training Tool

Alternatively, users can take the help of voice training tools and improve their interaction potential with the device. On using this tool, Alexa would understand what users want to convey.

These are some small tricks that you can try to solve issues like Alexa Not RespondingIf you still face any problem, consider taking the help of expert technicians.

Dial our Alexa Helpline Number  and get the issues resolved in a quick time.

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