Alexa Not descovering devices
18th, 2019

Is Your Alexa Not Discovering Devices Fix Now

Facing Alexa Not Discovering Devices issues on your Alexa and thinking about why it’s happening with you. You are not alone as there are others too who face the same issues some times.

However, you have to make sure the following things when you experience the same issue with you Alexa Devices.

  • Firstly, setup Alexa device properly.
  • Make sure that your WiFi connection establishes properly with your home device.
  • Make sure that your router settings are up to date. If it’s not, then you have to contact your router manufacturer for help.
  • Ask Alexa to discover your devices again and again.

Keeping these things in your mind will not make any major issues for you. However, there are some other issues also; you may face in the future.

Here is the stepwise guide about Why Alexa Not Discovering Devices, read carefully and follow the given steps now.

Alexa Not Discovering Devices?

There are a few reasons responsible for these issues. You have to keep the below things as per the standard to let yourself away from any issue.

  • Check, whether your Alexa device is compatible with the devices, you want to connect within your country.
  • The speakers must need to be set up with the Amazon Alexa App.
  • You have to make sure that your device name must be available on the Amazon Alexa app.
  • If it’s not, you have to perform the process to discover it again in your setup with the Amazon Alexa app.
  • The last and the most important thing are to restart both your Alexa device along with your smart home device.
  • Disable the other entire Alexa app and other things as well for a minute.
  • Re-enable and reconnect all the devices that are interlinked and try it again.

Need expert help to resolve Alexa Not Discovering Devices error? Feel free to call Alexa Helpline Number at US/Canada Toll-Free Number and get quick help.

Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Alexa Not Discovering Device:

What you have to follow when Alexa says, “I am having trouble understanding right now?

The majority of people may experience this problem in their devices. There are some precautions for you; you have to try to resolve this issue.

Wait for some hours

Issues often occur with every technology device. If you are facing this issue for the first time in your Alexa device, you have to turn off your device for a few hours.

It will somehow resolve your issues if it’s from the Alexa end.

This approach is useful for those users who experienced the issue very rare. If it’s happening regularly, follow the below instruction.

Unplug and plug your echo device

Just as a human needs something to recharge their routine by drinking coffee or tea, the same is the solution for your devices as well.

In the Alexa device case, you don’t have to offer them tea or coffee. Instead, unplug the echo device and plug it again to resolve the issue easily.

Check for the Wi-Fi connection

You have to make sure that, whether your internet is established with your device or not. It’s common when Alexa devices lost its connection with the internet, the above issue happens.

So, Connect Alexa to WiFi properly.
Check for your System update

Alexa can automatically check for the software update and install it when it requires it.

If you see any issue with your system update, it’s a strong indication that your internet connection is not connected properly with your device.
You have to check for the system update by just saying “Alexa, Check for Software updates.” If you found any issue, make sure to unplug and plug it again.

Reset your echo device

If any of the above details don’t resolve your issue, then it’s the time to do a hard reset of your Alexa echo device.

Alexa Helpline Number

What to do if Alexa Device offline?

If the Alexa app shows you a message that you’re Echo Offline or Alexa Offline, the best thing for you is to unplug the device, wait for a few minutes, and plug it again.

Check your Alexa app again for the device online notification. If it’s all right, you are done. If it’s not, you have to follow some instructions mentioned below.

Update your Alexa App

Sometimes the outdated Alexa app causes an offline issue on your Alexa device. It’s good to update your Alexa app to make your device online again.

iPhone and Android users can check for their updates on their desired apps platform.

Re-install your Alexa App

You can also try to resolve your issue by uninstalling your Alexa app and then reinstall it on your smartphone to track if the issues are still showing or it’s get fixed.

Check the Power and Wi-Fi connection

Sometimes the issue occurs due to the not proper power and Wi-Fi connections. Make sure that your device is properly getting its power, and the Wi-Fi connection is stable.

What to do with when Alexa Shows Bluetooth Issues?

It’s common to face a Bluetooth issue within your Alexa device. To resolve these issues, you have to read the instruction below.

  • The first thing you have to make sure about your device Is that it should support Bluetooth.
  • The second thing you have to make sure whether your device is compatible with it or not.
  • If your device is compatible but still showing issues, then you have to check whether the Bluetooth device battery is charged or not.

Alexa Helpline Number

Alexa Helpline Number

If you tried all of the things but still couldn’t find any solution for any of your issues, you can contact the customer service experts at Alexa customer service number.

Just dial Alexa App Helpline number at US/Canada Toll-Free Number  and get help right away. If facing other issues we can resolve that too.

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