Alexa Having Trouble Understanding
14th, 2019

Facing Alexa Having Trouble Understanding error

Facing Alexa Having Trouble Understanding error? In today’s fast running life, Alexa, the smartest Amazon voice assistant is a boon.

It has simplified our problems by accepting any kind of instructions with just a voice command.

However, these things are not as simple as it looks and it may face trouble understanding your voice commands.

In some cases, the Amazon Alexa device faces unspecified issues and fails to take your voice orders and says

I am having trouble understanding you right now, Sorry! Please try later.’

Though you are making orders that are quite simple and it would have followed your instructions, but now it is uttering this message in the light red.

Here is a complete guide for you and with these simple solutions you will be able to resolve your issues.

Alexa Having Trouble Understanding Solved Now:

1.Calibrating your voice using the training voice tool.

  • For this, you have to use the device installed with the Alexa app.
  • If Amazon Alexa having trouble understanding voice instructions, then go to the Alexa App and scroll to the ‘Settings’
  • And there you will find the ‘Voice Training’ option and click it. This will activate the process.
  • This will cycle your device approximately 25 phrases and during this, you have to speak out loud.
  • This helps Alexa to acknowledge your tone and voice.

Alexa Helpline Number

2.Bluetooth connectivity issues.

Sometimes, Alexa may face Bluetooth connectivity issues, and this may be the leading cause behind Alexa not responding to voice commands.

Due to interrupted Bluetooth settings, Alexa faces poor connectivity problems and fails to understand.

In case need experts to help to fix Alexa not responding issue then dial Alexa App Helpline number at US/Canada Toll-Fre Number.

Other Reasons Why Alexa Not Responding 

1.Un-pairing and re-pairing the device.

  • When you face problems in connecting, the best thing you can do is to first un-pair and then re-pair your device.
  • For this, you need to go to the Alexa app and scroll the option ‘settings’ and click the option ‘Bluetooth’ and then clear all the paired devices.
  • This will clear everything.
  • If you face trouble in pairing the device, then make sure that your wireless device and the Dot are compatible.
  • If your Alexa echo device is not compatible with these, then you will continue to face issues and it won’t work.
  • However, you can try again pairing Alexa with the device if compatibility is not a problem.
  • Try establishing a successful connection by rebooting both the devices.

2.Check Network connection.

Alexa needs to be connected to the internet. The internet connection should be fast enough for the proper working of the device.

So, if you start facing issues with your Alexa device then poor internet connection is the first reason behind it.

You can do the following thing or just do Alexa WiFi Setup again.

  • Firstly, you need to confirm whether the issue is concerned with your device or Wi-Fi.
  • To ensure this, connect the same internet Wi-Fi network to some other devices.
  • If it works on other devices, then the problem is with your Alexa and if it does not then the internet connection is the reason.
  • In such a case, try reconnecting the device with your Wi-Fi.
  • To solve this issue, you need to put your device to reset. For resetting your device back to factory settings follow the given steps.
  • Unplug the power adapter from the wall outlet or from your device’s back to restart your Alexa device.
  • Now plug in the power adapter back.
  • Echo device volume buttons, you need to press and hold both the volume down and microphone off buttons at the same time
  • Until the light ring color changes to orange.
  • Sometimes, other devices may be connected to your internet but your Alexa device still faces trouble in connecting?
  • In this case, check your Wi-Fi router to see if the IP address in Alexa is blocked.

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3.If Alexa Still Not Responding Try Reconnecting Wi-Fi.

  • Sometimes, you may have restarted Wi-Fi or your Wi-Fi credentials may be changed and this results in network issues.
  • So go to the option ‘Settings’ and select the ‘Wi-Fi’ option details and reconnect the Wi-Fi again.
  • Now, check a Lock icon. If it is present, enter a password and this password is actually your Wi-Fi password.
  • If it fails to connect then the password, you are entering is wrong. So try to log in with the correct password.

4.Place the Alexa Appropriately.

  • If the device placed at a distance, then it can be the reason behind poor connectivity.
  • Alexa device placed too far from the internet, either a modem or a router, will experience the weak or slow connection.
  • To confirm that the wireless issues are due to distance, place your Alexa device within 10 feet temporarily from the router.

5.Disconnect Other Devices Linked to the Same Internet Connection.

  • When too many devices are connected to the same internet connection then it slows the internet functioning.
  • Therefore, it can result in Alexa not working or Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands.
  • In this case, you need to disconnect all other devices connected to your internet for a short duration.

6.Change Security Network Settings.

If too many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi, you can change the settings by changing your Wi-Fi router or the password.

Alexa Helpline Number

Alexa App Helpline

If still Alexa having trouble understanding your voice commands or facing Alexa device offline, then call Echo Device Number at US/Canada Toll-Free Number.

Alexa Customer Service is available 24/7 for your help, so for any sort of help or guideline contact us and our technical staff will guide you.

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