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26th, 2020

Alexa App Stuck On Setup? Don’t Worry Here Are Some Fixes for It

If you are reading this blog, it means that you are facing problems as the Alexa app stuck on setup. My friend! Just chill as you are not alone to face this problem. Many people face this issue while setting up their Alexa powered devices.

Most of you might be well-aware of the fact that you will need to use the web interface or the Alexa app while setting up the Echo or Echo Dot devices.

Even though the setup Alexa process is very easy, but if you skip a few steps, you are going to be hapless. In case, you need any kind of help with the Alexa Setup process, you can take the help of our professional experts.

Pick your phone and call the Alexa App Helpline Number

No More to Feel Annoyed

Accept it. It is very disheartening when your Alexa app stuck on setup process of any Alexa devices. Well, Alexa powered devices like Echo or Echo Dot plays a crucial role in our daily life.

While they have made our task very easy; still, for some, the setup process could be a bit complicated. Don’t worry if you are finding it hard to memorize the steps for how to setup amazon echo. Go through this blog post and you will get your answer.

Alexa Helpline Number

What Causes The Alexa App To Get Stuck?

Before you go ahead to take the Alexa Setup Help, you should try to learn the cause behind the problem. Well, take a close look into the reasons for which Alexa gets stuck during the Setup Alexa Echo or Echo Dot Setup process.

Compatibility Issue

This issue might arise when a phone is not at all compatible with the Amazon Alexa app. Hence, when the Alexa Setup app gets stuck, it won’t be able to do its work. So, before moving ahead with the setup process of the Alexa app, checking out the app requirements vital.

Incorrect Date and Time

Well, there is no denying of the fact that Alexa App might face issues during the setup Echo Dot process. Taking a close look and one gets to see that incorrect time and date on the phone might be one reason for the app getting stuck.

Outdated Android System

Facing difficulty with the Alexa app on your smartphone? Is your Alexa app stuck on setup process? Well, the reason is simple. It is because of the outdated apps. Don’t forget to check if your app is outdated or not. Try to give your Android system update via the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Updating the Android system would help to get rid of the Alexa app get stuck.

These are some common issues for an Alexa app stuck on setup process. However, one can setup Alexa Dot and Echo Dot some simple troubleshooting steps.

Alexa Helpline Number

Basic Alexa Troubleshooting Steps to Deal With Alexa App Stuck on Setup

Hey Buddy! Are you looking for some Alexa troubleshooting steps for Alexa Dot setup or Alexa Echo Dot Setup? Well, you will get your answer in this blog post.

Firstly, you need to understand that during the setup, an Alexa app stuck on setup process, it means there is some kind of communication gap. In short, Alexa won’t work if it is not connected to the Wi-Fi network properly. Keep in mind that to finish the Echo or Echo Dot setup process, Alexa should have a proper internet connection.

Some basic Alexa troubleshooting steps that are needed to be followed for avoiding issues like Alexa not responding or Alexa stopped working errors. The steps are:

  • Check the internet connection to the device.
  • The Internet should run at a good speed.
  • Wi-Fi should work seamlessly.
  • Alexa should be placed close to the router to get a strong signal.
  • Download the Alexa app and restart the Android phone.

In case, you need some technical assistance, get in touch with our technical experts. Our experts remain available 24×7. You can call them. Our Alexa Helpline Number remains open throughout the day.

Finding the Right Solution

Without wasting much time, let’s get started.

Device Compatibility with Alexa Setup App

Facing issues like Alexa app stuck on setup? First of all, check out the minimum standard requirements for the Alexa setup app. Hence, before moving ahead with the setup, make sure your phone is compatible with the Alexa app.

Well, the Amazon Alexa app is known to be compatible with Android version 4.4 and higher. When your phone doesn’t meet this requirement, it is the reason why your Alexa app stuck on setup

Update Alexa App

Don’t just rush and dial the Alexa App Helpline, if your Alexa app gets stuck during the setup process. Try to solve the issue on your own first. Well, you can do this easily by updating the Alexa app. Go to the app store and update the app; hopefully, it would solve the issue.

Update Android System Webview

  • Visit the Play Store
  • Search for Android System Webview
  • Click on Update
  • Setup Alexa app on Echo device

Alexa Helpline Number

Reboot the Phone

If you are not able to fix the issue of the Amazon Alexa app stuck on setup, you will need to restart the phone. Don’t worry! It’s a minor issue and rebooting would help to deal with the problem easily.

Fixing Alexa App White Screen Error

During the setup procedure, the Alexa app gets stuck on the white screen. It could be very disgusting. You can try out some hacks to get rid of the problem. They are:

  • A restart might help to get rid of the Alexa app white screen error.
  • If the aforementioned step doesn’t work, try out hard reset on your Echo device.
  • Check the IP address of the router
  • Login to the router admin page
  • Go to the Setup section and select LAN.
  • Verify the IP.

Are you still figuring out the way to fix the Alexa Setup App issue? Get in touch with the team of Echo Device Support today. Contact our team at Toll Free Number and get prompt help.

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